About Us

Uttarakhands Trip is a tourism promoting company based in Uttrakhand Himalaya. It is our great fortune that we have got birth in this divine land of the Himalaya. The Himalaya is our native residence and this quality endowed us an opportunity to know and understand deeply this hilly state of the Himalaya. We understand that only optimum and controlled tourism activities, in all aspects, can play a key role in the overall advancement of the state. And in this respect, conservation and protection of the environment become our sole responsibility.

We consider it our utmost responsibility to generate more and more skillful, trustworthy, respectable and consistent employment for the local population in the tourism sector in order to prevent migration of youth in search of better employment and enhance financial condition.

We want to tell people that Himalaya is much more than a picnic and recreating place. Our motive is to introduce people with the great seclusion, desolation, and wilderness of the Himalaya where you can dip inside your own self and find your own being and forget all your life stress.

We want people to strengthen their relationship with nature by introducing them with some almost untouched and naturally prosperous parts of the Himalaya.

We are accumulating hosting experience for last twenty-one years in order to provide convenient, comfortable, amicable and pleasant services to our guests and develop a long lasting friendly relationship with our guests and never call them a customer.

We use all modern technology, equipment and well-trained personals for all adventure operations in the Himalayas. Most of our trainers are trained from NEHRU INSTITUTE OF MOUNTAINEERING.

Our objective –

Overall development of Uttarakhand without harming the environment and ecosystem of the Himalaya at all and to make a happy, pleasant and prosperous state is our prime objective. And to fulfill this intention we work profoundly at various points.

Prevention of migration

As everyone knows that Uttarakhand is a hilly state of Himalaya where the resources of earning are very limited. And in this difficult terrain, it is very challenging to earn the livelihood to sustain so migration of people, in search of livelihood, has been running constantly for many decades. Even though the state has incredible potential and resources of creating work/jobs but no any government or an organization has given appropriate attention towards this situation so far. The people of Uttarakhand couldn’t even understand that how to deal with this drastic situation of migration on time. We, (The greater Himalaya) use existing resources and work in various sectors like tourism, agriculture, floriculture, medicinal herbs and traditional handicrafts etc to present an instance of employment in order to prevent migration of people from their homeland in search of livelihood.

Development of tourism

Tourism is one of the major resources which can totally change the financial state of Uttarakhand. But we need to understand and work profoundly over the subject. Even pilgrimage tourism has been running for centuries but it is seasonal which doesn’t generate constant income and unable to contribute to the prevention of migration. We need to understand and work with other sectors of tourism like Adventure tourism, Nature tourism, Educational/Edutainment tourism, and Cultural tourism etc which have immense potential to alter the financial condition of the state and once the financial state changes we will be able to change our overall situation. We (The Greater Himalaya) working over all possible sectors of tourism to generate more and more consistent employment which is playing a serious role in the prevention of migration and development.

Attention to Agriculture>
For centuries Agricultural activities have been the only resource of livelihood in Uttarakhand but, with changing environment, migration and incoming of other income resources like tourism government jobs, small-scale vending and many other, people of the state giving up peasantry gradually due to which about 50% of the fertile land turned in barren land which is a great misfortune. Here The Greater Himalaya is playing an important role in rebuilding an agricultural culture by growing Vegetables, Herbs, flowers and other important crops under organic farming to present an instance which encourages people to be involved in peasantry in order to improve their financial condition.

Conservation of the environment and Ecology

To make the life happy and prosperous in all aspects it is utmost important to understand the existence and meaning of environment. As we all know that even in Himalaya the condition of environment and atmosphere is deteriorating rapidly day by day. The Greater Himalaya contributing a vital role in conservation of the environment by spreading awareness among local people about protection of forest and wildlife, forestation and forestry. We call meetings in different villages in different valleys and tell, inspire, encourage, educate and aware people about that why and how to contribute in environment conservation activities. We run forestation programmes in some different parts of the state where ever we consider it necessary.

Waste Management

Waste and garbage is a big problem in all across the country even in the Himalaya which is increasing rapidly. All tourist destination, towns, and village in Uttarakhand Himalaya are turning in to garbage dumping yards many of them are situated inside greater Himalaya. Our plan is to pick the garbage up with help of local community, NGOs, and government body and convey that for recycling plant and for proper disposal.