Wandering in Himalaya is an adventurous activity in itself. As everyone knows that the whole Himalaya is a difficult terrain where nature has great impact on every movement. Nature here keeps changing silently and incessantly. Small natural disasters are a normal thing here which people face in their daily life but sometimes big disasters get occurred which are highly unpredictable like flood, earth quack, land slid etc. The company will not be responsible for any physical and non-physical harm in all natural disastrous conditions.
Almost all trek routs in Greater Himalayan region are highly adventurous and tedious, difficult than normal. Though we provide basic medical assistance during trekking and camping activities but, if any trekker gets any kind of physical and non physical damage due to lack of adequate medical facility during trekking the company will not be responsible for the loss and inconvenience. To avoid any medical inconvenience visitors/trekkers must specify their authentic medical status.
All our trekking guides and managers are well experienced. During trekking all trekkers must follow rules, commands, suggestion properly for a safe and enjoyable trekking activity. If any trekker/visitor gets fail to follow given instructions appropriately and gets wounded or harmed himself/herself, in that case the company will not be responsible.
To avoid any inconvenience or uncomforting situation please read all details properly about your trek/trekking and get satisfied through appropriate interaction before stating your chosen activity.