Things To Carry to Valley Of Flowers Trek

Things To Carry to Valley Of Flowers Trek

Planning on going on Valley of flowers trek? That’s nice, because I know you will definitely cherish the experience your whole life. Valley of Flowers is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Here you will get to explore the Himalayan Range. While trekking you will also get to see the stunning views of some of the high peaks of Himalayas of Garhwal Range. If you are lucky enough you might also get to see the endangered wild animals and rare birds. Remember it is going to be cold there, so do not forget to take warm clothes along. Below is the list of things to carry to Valley of Flowers trek.

Things To Carry To Valley Of Flowers Trek

  • Appropriate shoes for trekking, avoid shoes made of cloth as you will be crossing rivers and streams;
  • Water bottle;
  • Light weighed windcheater jacket;
  • Shirts and T-shirts;
  • A pair of shorts and two pairs of trousers to change in the night or when required;
  • Warm clothes;
  • Torch with extra batteries, in case you run out of your battery;
  • A strong backpack in which you will be carrying all your stuff;
  • A woolen hat
  • Toiletries, try to get only most important things, so it does not become a burden on you;
  • Carry your medicines if you are on any treatment, carry a first aid kid instead, for your convenience;
  • Carry some healthy refreshment, once you reach Ghangaria you won’t get anything good to eat.
  • An umbrella
  • A camera, so you can capture the amazing memories and experience of Himalayas;
  • Woolen cap;

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